Rapid Banana Whip Accelerator 200ml – LIMITED EDITION

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Soak up some sun at the beach for a darker real tan without taking the sand home with you! Our deliciously lightweight Rapid Banana Whip is a world first whipped accelerator, specially formulated to rapidly speed up your natural tanning process when chillin’ by the beach, poolside, or in a sunbed! It contains stacks of our exclusive ingredient FoxComplex®. This active ingredient dramatically increases your melanin production, the stuff in your skin that helps you tan. More of this means you’ll achieve a deeper and darker tan with less time in the sun! We’ve included a delicious tropical mix of natural fruit extracts that’ll leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated all day long. You’d be absolute bananas to tan without it! For ah-mazing results use it in conjunction with the Rapid Elixir as your preparation phase.


First start by giving your Rapid Banana Whip bottle a good shake. Then apply liberally onto skin and rub in when gaining UV exposure, let this settle into your skin. Now it’s time to apply your desired SPF. Reapply Rapid Banana Whip and SPF when necessary.

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