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TC Holdings Company

TC Holdings Company (Pty) Ltd, Founded in 2016, is a holdings company with two current divisions, falling into two very different industries.

We have T&C Medical Supplies. Founded in 2008 and the main division and the FMCG division within the Holdings company.

T&C Medical Supplies

T&C Medical Supplies, founded in 2008, which supplies to any and all, from government to private clients, country wide and as well as exporting into all African Countries. T&C Medical sell dry consumables from Syringes to Hypodermic Needles to Catheters and bandages and many many more. T&C Medical is the back bone of T&C Holdings.

T&C FMCG & Neurotics divisions

Founded in 2018 which supplies fast moving consumables, office consumable supplies and neurotic supplies.

About Bruce

As Head of the organization, i live by my life motto, โ€œDo what you have to do, to make things happenโ€. I have a never say die attitude and i am highly driven and motivated…


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